Bricklog GmbH

The CODUCT GmbH was founded in 2017 in Kamp-Lintfort, Germany. CODUCT is a software company developing mobile and cloud focused products with a heavy emphasis on good user experience design. Every developed product is evaluated by design heuristics and CODUCT proves that complex software from industrial to research contexts does not have to be difficult in use.

With our focus on „User Centered Design“ CODUCT is optimizing and digitalizing processes with state of the art technology. The main target customer groups are institutions & companies with a drive to digitalize processes in order to support the principles of “New Work”.

The attitude of “act local, play global” enables CODUCT to provide services worldwide, whilst also providing opportunities for people in the area.

Our young and dynamic team of developers & designers is always looking for opportunities to improve and grow.

HAN Automotive Research (HAN-AR) is onderdeel van HAN University of Applied Sciences. HAN-AR doet toegepast onderzoek op twee hoofdthema’s: Intelligente mobiliteit en groene mobiliteit. Binnen deze centrale thema’s hebben we diverse expertisegebieden, zoals regelsystemen, voertuigdynamica, aandrijflijnen, lichtgewicht materialen & constructies en Human Factors. HAN-AR heeft een sterke focus op de toepassing in het onderzoek en zoekt daarbij graag de samenwerking met het MKB. Daarom past VISTA – met het doel om te demonstreren op TRL7 niveau – goed in het HAN-AR portfolio. HAN-AR ontwikkelde in het RAAK PRO project INTRALOG al oplossingen voor truck autodocking. Deze technologie (zoals voertuigmodellen, padplanners en padvolgers) vormt de basis van VISTA.

Rhine Waal University of Applied Sciences (HSRW) was founded on May 1, 2009 and has two campuses, the main one in Kleve and a second one in Kamp-Lintfort (Germany). The university currently offers 25 undergraduate degree and eleven graduate programmes across four faculties. There are currently around 7,300 students enrolled at the HSRW.

In the VISTA project, HSRW contributes with mobile eye-tracking recordings on drivers‘ attention behaviour during the docking process and supports in the design of the Graphical User interface (GUI), which provides the driver with the necessary information and instructions. Furthermore, HSRW participates in the usability and evaluation studies  and implements  computational models  to predict driver’s decision behaviour based on knowledge it learns from multimodal data received from the environment (e.g. sensor, distance and position data, computer vision and steering angles). Additionally, HSRW assists in the development and implementation of a VR based driving and evaluation simulator.

ICR3ATE | Digital Makers Lab is an R&D partner for prototyping of smart products and services in the Internet of Things (IoT) era. ICR3ATE | Digital Makers Lab has a professional design and collaborative engineering lab for rapid prototyping mechanics,
electronics and software (embedded, Web and AI). We facilitate, collaborate or take the lead in rapid prototyping as initial step in the product development process of regional users and customers as shown in the value chain. We help customers changing their ideas and concepts for digital transformation and innovation, into reality by (co-)creating a tangible and functional “thing”.

Elk jaar missen Nederlandse bedrijven miljarden potentiële inkomsten in Duitsland omdat Nederlandse bedrijven niet optimaal zijn gepositioneerd om te concurreren in Duitsland of andere Europese landen. intoEU helpt deze val in een fantastische bron van inkomsten te veranderen:
intoEU ondersteunt u professioneel om succesvol zaken te doen in Europa. intoEU is de expert die u nodig hebt op de Duitstalige markt!
Wij zijn uw sparringpartner en consultant! Wij helpen u met beurzen, presentaties, vergaderingen, zodat taalproblemen tot het verleden behoren. Wij behandelen uw concept kritisch en houden het tegen het “Duitse” licht om uw product perfect af te stemmen op de Duitse markt.

Als partner in grensoverschrijdende projecten zorgt intoEU ervoor dat alle partners hun gemeenschappelijke doelen optimaal bereiken, onder andere door het minimaliseren van cultuur- en taalbarrières.


Recreate is located in Rijssen (the Netherlands) and was founded in January 2014. Recreate strives to improve the world with disruptive and emerging technologies. The company specializes in the development of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.

At Recreate, software is developed for both low-end (Google Cardboard) and high-end (HTC Vive and Microsoft HoloLens) hardware used for VR/AR/MR applications. In order to be able to use the Virtual-, Augmented-, and Mixed Reality techniques to their full potential it is necessary to secure relevant data. Therefore, Recreate couples with existing software packages such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Navision, and Revit.

Recreate aims for close collaboration with partners in order to deliver what the client really needs. As a result, the client will be actively involved in the project. Partners of Recreate include HSO, Dyntec, Tricas, The Source, Studio MAD, and Adwise.

Track32 empowers companies, research departments, and other organisations with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and computer vision solutions, tailored to each individual challenge. Track32 brewed in an academic environment, where cutting edge research is being conducted, and applied to real-life challenges. This provides us with the experience and fundamental knowledge, to be developing powerful and robust AI-driven solutions.

In the VISTA project Track32 takes care of the computer vision element in the project. Our mission is to exactly determine were the truck is at any time of the docking process. The challenge is to do this in such a way that the system is not relying on devices onboard of the truck but solely on sensors installed at the docking site. By using vision sensors and state-of-the-art algorithms, we digitally reconstruct the docking area. Subsequently the system will recognize the objects that are in there such as trucks and potential obstacles. Based on this ‘digital world’ our computer vision solution will provide the rest of the VISTA system with a constant and reliable set of coordinates per object that it can use give to the driver the most optimal steering advice.

V-tron BV is an innovative organization that develops customized telematics solutions. Our specialties include: Dead angle detection, connected cars (to manage your fleet, in-car services and the connection to the modern world of in-car traffic management), Driver Safety (to optimize your fleet operational costs), Car Sharing (to optimize the utilization). In recent years, V-tron has made the transition to Smart Mobility; from traditional driving to Autonomous driving. The new cars that are now coming on the market are equipped with the latest technologies to communicate with each other and with the roadside. For older cars, which are around 8 million in the Netherlands, V-tron can provide this (in-car) technology. As an in-car service provider, we are equipping existing cars with state of the art hard and software to connect them with the modern world of automated and self-driving. With intuitive and easy-to-use services, V-tron connects users to what they need. By offering a comprehensive suite of services to fleet owners, consumers, OEMs and TIER1’s, we are able to tailor our offerings to the distinctive needs of our partners and personalize the connected experience for our customers. V-tron aggregates best in class wireless services into robust and adaptable solutions that can be tailored to any platform. Our solutions are built around the next generation architecture, which is an open telematics platform allowing for interconnectivity between multiple content providers, call centers and hardware platforms. Our solutions employ innovative, scalable technology developed for the future and delivered today. The use of this technology ensures an increase in effectiveness and efficiency in fleet usage, which on the road translates into better traffic flow, increased safety and sustainability. In addition, V-tron is a front runner in the field of vehicle – vehicle communication. This development was started in 2013 and is currently being tested at various locations in Europe in order to make platooning as a service a reality. V-tron operates from offices in Deventer (NL), Helmond (NL), Düsseldorf (D) and Munich (D).